Hotel San Cristobal is causing serious damages to the environment of the Punta Lobos beach, the only beach accessible to the local fishermen to load and unload their boats. Due to the construction of the hotel, the space for the fishermen to work is disappearing.

In Todos Santos it doesn’t rain a lot all year but when it does, it dumps heavy rains . The concrete wall of the hotel blocks the natural paths of the flood streams and redirects them all to the area where the fishermen work, which disrupts the natural cycle of the beach and aggravates the beach erosion.

In this video you can see the horrifying damage to the fishermen’s beach caused by tides and the sea wall created by Hotel San Cristobal. English subtitle provided.

Before and After the construction of Hotel San Cristobal

Hotel San Cristobal is part of a mega development called Tres Santos, a multi-billion dollar American development poised to engulf a small coastal community in Todos Santos. 

The fishermen with their attorney John Moreno filed lawsuits to halt the development while authorities review the legality of the company’s permits. 

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Attorney John Moreno with the lawsuit documents
Stacks of lawsuits against the Tres Santos development

The hotel would drain the already diminished aquifer, taking drinking water from the town where many residents already do not have access. 

Read more about the water issues here. 

Dead palm trees at the entrance of the hotel. You can already see the damage the hotel is causing to the natural ecosystem of the beach.

Dead palm trees at the entrance of the hotel. Photo taken March 2017